First class mobile app for kindergarten communication

An iOS app available in the App store allows kindergarten teachers and guardians to communicate and exchange information.

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Two versions of the App - one for the kindergarten staff and one for guardians.

One for kindergarten staff allows registration of school attendance, sending and receiving messages directly from the parents and taking and tagging pictures of any children. The one for guardians allows them to mark their child as being absent or away due to illness in addition to being able to send a message directly to the teacher and receiving images and information.

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The individual functions


The teacher can record daily arrival and departure of the children. The information is transmitted immediately to the main site of the system where it is available to others. Parents register children as being ill in the evening and the information is available to the teacher the morning after.


Messages are immediately conveyed to the appropriate individuals. The teacher immediately receives messages from guardians. Similarly, a guardian can reach the teacher instantly regarding important issues.


The calendar shows the events that have been registered in the school database. This gives parents opportunity to organize their time in line with the events taking place at the school. The staff can plan for coming events in the same way.


Pictures tagged with the child's name appear immediately in the parent's version of the App. This allows the parents to get an overview of the activities taking place in the school.

Meal menu

Nejrychlejší možnost jak zjistit, co je ve školce k jídlu, a řídit si podle toho i domácí vaření. Jídelníček je v aplikaci dostupný jak pro rodiče, tak pro učitele.


The teachers can take pictures of the daily activities and identify the students on each picture in the App itself. Tagged images are stored on the server and also sent to the parent's App.


The App places contact information of the children's families at the teachers fingertips when needed. This eliminates the need to look up information in a computer or on a list when the need for information arises.


Parents can see the list of messages, photos and other items in chronological order on a separate page in the App.

All the tools you need

From students’ attendance to picture taking - everything packaged in one powerful mobile app.