System features

Our system meets all the needs of the kindergarten information management and registration needs as well as the ability to operate the kindergartens website. Any information that is in the system is possible to bring on your website or share on social media, if you allow it. The system meets the needs of parents and staff for information about the activities of the school and kids.

Karellen kid

Student database

The student database contains background information about students as well as information about their attendance in school, meals consumed and hours of sleep. There are numerous innovations in the system; e.g. registration of guardian contact information, file system that is tied to the student record and a student progress history where you can record education milestones and milestones in the childs' development.


  • Basic information
  • Attendance
  • Meal menu
  • Sleep and food consumption log
  • Special education hours
  • Health and safety information
Karellen database

Employee database

The employee database contains background information about employees, such as phone numbers and address as well as information about work location and hours. The employee record gives access to staff pages where the employees find information about students in the classroom and their guardians in a quick and efficient way.


  • Basic information
  • Arrivals and departures
  • Interview records
  • Background information on wages
  • Registration of variable work hours
Karellen database

Guardians database

The list of Guardians contains basic background information about family members, such as phone numbers and address. Guardians have access to their own page with information about their children who are registered in the system as well as access to pictures marked with the names of each child. Guardians can send messages within the system and also e-mail messages to the system.


  • Basic information
  • Address list
  • Messages to family members
  • Information about school attendance
Karellen database

Billing system

You can get an additional module to keep track of billing. The module is based on monthly reports and data sent to each school operator. Fees and corrections are send as data to accounting. The fees system is specialy modified for municipal fees calculation with calculation rules for the different types of fees. Attendance fees are managed centrally in the system and municipalities can change the attendance fees for all schools in the district, regardless of who is the operator of the school.


  • Centralized accounting
  • Reports and data for accounting
  • Convenient overview of the billing each month
  • Detailed information about each billing item
Karellen database

Communication system

The system has a powerful communication moduele that keeps track of messages to and from the guardians. Additionally it is possible to send e-mail to guardians directly from the system. In the system is also possible to keep track of meetings with guardians and other relatives as well as with employees. All individuals related to the child can see the messages that have been sent between home and school. The module makes communication within the school easier and more reliable.


  • Emailing system
  • Messaging system
Karellen database

Document storage

The system includes a document repository related to children, staff and work units. It is possible to store documents attached to the child's record. The system also has a powerful storage for photos with an option to tag children, calendar events, teachers or classroom names. The databese is fully secured and access is controlled by the school staff. Relatives can view images labeled with the child's name and they can also download images to their computer. All images taken of children from the time they start school are stored.

Karellen database

Website administration

A powerful content management system comes with the system. Schools can set up their website for the promotion of curriculum, school agenda, news and the school itself. Although new information media has emerged, the need to welcome visitors to the school website with news and the latest information about the school operation is still very important. The content generators built into the system allow the employees to show menu, daily agenda, list of employees and various other information without any additional work.

Karellen database

User roles

The system has predefined access groups for different functions. Guardians have an interface that helps them to access information quickly and easily. Similarly, principals have an account setting which gives them the ability to monitor and record all the key aspects of the school operation. Teachers get an interface that provides access to student lists and student information as well as the possibility of attendance registration and communication with families and other staff. Municipalities and school operators have a separate account, where they can get information and harmonize certain aspects of the operation of the schools. Thus, the municipality can change the tariff of all schools operating in the region with a single action.

Karellen database

Overview modules in Karellenu

From statistics overview to invoices - all easily arranged in the modules.

Dashboard for teachers

The dashboard for teachers contains the necessary tools that are used in the daily school routine. It contains a list of the students as well as buttons to mark attendance, departure, illness or absence. It also shows the school menu and events. Dashboard is a collection of shortcuts and information fields which quickly provide an overview and facilitate common actions in the system.

Dashboard for guardians

The dashboard for guardians contains the main features and interface modules that parents need to in order to have a good overview of their child's day at kindergarten. It includes images of the children with tagged names. The dashboard is a collection of shortcuts and information fields for quick overview.


Statistical overview contains summaries and sophisticated computations with graphs and tabular reports o tom jak je školka vytížena nebo zda-li správně spravuje svou kuchyni. Dalšími funkcemi jsou například comprehensive overview of attendance and leave of employees. One of the most important reports is a list of costs and revenues, where kindergarten management can easily check the states of the past, calculates the future and find out where to save money.


Keeping a detailed list of income and expenses topped with monthly statements and summaries with option to send the data directly to own accounting department or our perfect accounting firm that takes care of everything and hadles all the paper work. You will find out how beautiful it is to not think about numbers and counting when you see everything in a simple charts and overviews from professional accounting firm.

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