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Countries that already fell in love with Karellen and are happy to use it

Karellen Iceland


From 1998, when our co-founder Margrét, established her very first kindergarten, many years have passed. In 2012 we connected our software development power and her knowledge about pre-school education and Karellen has been born. Our system runs 1/3 kindergartens in Iceland.

Karellen Czech Republic

Czech Republic

In 2015, when the most of our system is tested out by tough conditions in Iceland, we are moving our interests also to Czech Republic. The first responses are amazing, and so we are going to bring our experience and facilitate work to kindergartens and make guardiens happy also here.

Karellen Sweden


The same as to Czech, Karellen has come here in 2015. Our partner in Sweden takes care of all the implementation and support. Thanks to our partners net of kindergartens and primary schools was deployment in Sweden very fast and we became a part of national student curiculum.

Karellen Taiwan


In Taiwan, we have establised our representation, translated system and now we are working together with several kindergartens on the specific arrangements that are going to be make for the local market. The first deployment is scheduled for 2016 and both we and the local teachers and master teachers are really looking forward to it.