How Karellen saves money, connects, speeds up and helps

Our system meets all the needs of the kindergarten information management and registration needs as well as the ability to operate the kindergartens website. Any information that is in the system is possible to bring on your website or share on social media, if you allow it. The system meets the needs of parents and staff for information about the activities of the school and kids.

Karellen kid

Helps parents and relatives

From time savings associated with the handling and controlling what happens in the kindergarten, to virtual connections with the child during the working day.

  • Insights into what the student is doing during the day when parents are at work. Over the three years that student spends in kindergarten, parents don't have any overview for 3/4 of year.
  • There will never more be a need to write to kindergarten in what hour is this or that event and how much money it will eventually cost, everything is visible online in a calendar filled with personaly oriented events.
  • Supervision of attendance, whether the child is in the kindergarten or not and what is his/her attendance for the last month, extensively used in the case of divorced families.
  • Overview of all school fees, totals and detailed breakdowns for what and when was paid, what is the potential debt.
  • Online list of kindergaretn optional activities and the opportunity to apply for them
  • Easy and secure access to all photos on which the student is marked so parent don't have to browse through all photos and search for their child.
  • An overview of what food is served in the kindergarten, so the food at home can vary
  • Monitoring of childs progress with results output. At the end of preschool attendance child has his or her "autobiography", which is for example possible to use when interviewing at the elementary school.
  • Tracking the lost and found at the kindergarten

and much more...

I like the mobile app and the whole system. At the beginning I struggled a little bit with finding stuff, but I got used to it fast and now I am a little bit sad that our kindergarten didn't have anything like this before, when my first son attend it.Halldor LeifssonOrris' father

Karellen teacher

Speeds up and facilitates work for kindergarten employees

Reducing the number of phone calls, saving money and time for control and accounting. Not necessary to concern about archivation. Easy website administration.

  • Managing attendance online, for both - employees and students, all immediately accessible online without fear of losing important documents.
  • Simple, secure and effective communication with parents
  • Calendar with kindergarten events always and everywhere with you
  • Speeding up writing of news and reports to classbok or on website with automatic possibility of sharing on Facebook
  • Output for the kitchen to clear how many dishes are needed to be cooked, depending on how many students is going to attend
  • Simple and almost automatic management of the site and meal menu
  • Send messages to several parents at once, so there is no need to use unprotected Facebook or separate phone calls.
  • Save money for accounting
  • Safe and unlimited storage for all documents and photos with the possibility of granting restricted access.
  • Simple monitoring of payments from parents, system monitors everything by itself and alerts on any claims
  • Quick overview about students and their relatives, health information and emergency contacts

and much more...

I'm glad that our operator chose Karellen for handeling of kindergarten applications, is simple, fast and I don't have to reply on thousands of calls from confused parents.Gyða Vigfúsdóttirprincipal at Reykjakot kindergarten

Karellen municipality

Finding new ways of saving money and connects overviews about kindergartens in the municipality

Financial and statistical reports with preset charts, sophisticated data tables. Information about recent status in kindergartens. Bulk informing of kindergartens.

  • Simple moving children between kindergartens, if necessary, with all information about him/her.
  • Electronic online applications to kindergartens - a truly incredible savings with administration
  • Overview of holidays and vacations in kindergartens
  • Overview of accounting with automatic suggestions, where could be done some money saving.
  • Overview of employment and capacity utilization in all schools.
  • Detailed statistics and calculations for management, asset and grant titles

and much more...

At first we bought only online application system for kindergartens. The system has proved its qualities and after one month of testing we set up Karellen in all our kindergartens. While we were having some problems with implementation, production team always helped us very fast and reliably.Sesselja SigurðardóttirHead of the Department of education in Akureyri